ICLR for Ireland - publishers of the Irish Reports and Digests and other publications

The Incorporated Council of Law Reporting for Ireland, a legal charity, publishes the Irish Reports, the Irish Digests and other legal publications. Find out more.

Important news: Now available online as soon as cases are reported.

Justis and The Incorporated Council of Law Reporting for Ireland (ICLR) have reached an agreement to make recent judgments available on Justis as soon as their editorial steps have been completed. This arrangement means that the most authoritative Irish cases will be accessible to practitioners, the courts and academics well before the availability of the cases in hard copy. Read more on our blog.


  • The Irish Reports

    More about the Irish Reports

    The Irish Reports are cited authoritatively in courts and tribunals and constitute the most comprehensive series of law reports available.

  • The Irish Digests

    More about the Irish Digests

    A record of cases published in:
    The Irish Reports, the Northern Ireland Reports, the Irish Law Times Reports and more.