The Irish Reports

The Irish Reports
1979 – present
hard copy, web and CD-ROM
varies by volume
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The Irish Reports have been indispensable reading for the legal profession for generations. Compiled with precision and skill by practising barristers, the Reports are cited authoritatively in courts and tribunals and constitute the most comprehensive series of reports available, covering decisions of major importance of the superior courts in Ireland.

The Irish Reports are presented in an easy-to-read format, with high-quality headnotes summarising the judgments. The decisions of the superior courts in Ireland, as reported in the pages of the Irish Reports, together with the Constitution and the statute books, comprise the living law of the land. Their decisions represent the formal constituents of the common law and constitutional law of Ireland.

The Irish Reports are essential reading for every lawyer.

The Irish Reports are available in hard copy and online via the Justis and JustCite search engines.